WebIS Flexmail 4 released!

FlexMail 4 is a full-featured award-winning (2004/2005/2006/2007) Email application that works with your device’s built-in Messaging client to provide the best Exchange and IMAP connectivity available on Windows Mobile! Use FlexMail to improve your ActiveSync or SMS messaging with our multiple signature support, multiple folder searches, and cross-account email copies and moves. Use FlexMail to connect with the best IMAP feature-set on Windows Mobile with easy to configure yet powerful folder settings. Set each folder to download differently, notify of new messages, and get email using PUSH use IMAP IDLE.

FlexMail 4 is a major upgrade from FlexMail 2007 and offers many huge changes including:

* Better IMAP features support (server search to filter messages, server-side messages parsing, more message operations done over IDLE, single attachment download etc.)
* Supports MMS on most devices
* IMAP server folders redesign (more settings, easier to use)
* Accounts and Application settings redesign
* Single-page view redesign (tabs gone, new left panel with IDLE indication)
* Original Email HTML reply/forward
* New Notification settings (global-account-folder)
* Internal changes (messages saved already parsed, better save/load performance on WM5 etc.)
* Asian Language Encoding Plugin
* Improved internals

As usual, guys at WebIS have done a great job with the Flexmail. The already great application is now even better than ever!