WiFi not available on your ASUS EEE PC?

There are many instances when you have installed an OS on your EEE PC(say, windows XP) and your device is unable to even recognize find  the WiFi hardware. It has happened a lot of times with me and I went nuts. It even got me into thinking that it must be just plain bad luck that the unit I got was a bad unit.

But, all what had happened the the WLan(wifi) got disabled on it’s own in the BIOS. Here is how to enable it.

Click on the Onboard Devices Configuration and make the Onboard WLAN ‘enabled’

Press F10 to save the changes and reboot!

So, my conception that my unit was a bad unit was not true at all. Till now, I don’t know the exact cause of it but the next time if similar happens you would know what to do ;)

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