Windows 10 OS to support ARM, Snapdragon 805 tablet spotted

Lately there has been a complete abssense of any new Windows RT tablets, you know the Windows that runs on ARM processors. According to the benchmark results that showed up on GFXbench, a new Windows tablet with WQHD display packing Snapdragon 805 (SD805) ARM processor. Folks at nokiaviews are saying that it could be the successor to the Nokia branded Lumia 2520 or Surface 2 tablet. This tablet will pack a powerful Snapdragon processor and windows 10. This confirms that even the next generation of windows a k a Windows 10 will support ARM architecture.

Windows 10 OS to support ARM, Snapdrgaon 805 tablet spotted

The next generation of windows will support a wide range of display including windows phone and massive HDTV like 84 inch Microsoft Surface Hub.

Update on 2017-03-31 – We now know a mini laptop like device that goes by the name of KS-Pro and is slated to be released at the CES 2018 technology event. Its specifications include the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor that is said to run windows 10’s ARM version pretty smoothly. An android version of KS-Pro is already available in the market and it is crazy powerful and fast but we are of course waiting for the windows 10 version to come out.

The device in question will have a touchscreen and hardware keyboard that will let you input data more quickly.