Windows 10 upgrade for 32GB Acer W3 W4 Asus T100 Dell tablets

We all bought a lot of those cheap 32 GB windows 8.1 tablets and have been wondering how to fit that huge Windows 10 update on their tiny drives with 8GB backup partitions. Well here is how you do it. This process has been tested on Acer W3, W4, Asus T100, Dell 32 GB windows tablets. First and foremost download the Windows 10 directly from this link (media creation tool). Download it on a different computer and not on your Windows 8.1 tablet.

Windows 10 upgrade for 32GB Acer W3 W4 Asus T100 Dell tablets

Step 1 – On your second computer, insert a blank USB flash drive and use the media creation tool downloaded earlier to download your copy of Windows 10. Make sure you select the version that matches with your secondary computer and not your tablet.

Step 2 – Now that the file has been downloaded, click on “create installation media for another PC”. Click on next > you will be asked language, edition and architecture. Specify them. Make sure you select the following, otherwise it can lead to activation issues.

Edition: Windows 10 Home
Architecture: 32-bit (x86)

On the next window, make sure that “USB flash drive” is selected > click next. Now pick your flash drive and click next. Windows 10 will now be loaded on your drive and all of its previous data will be deleted.

Step 3 – Turn on your Acer W3 or whatever tablet you have and insert the drive into the USB port of keyboard dock or tablet itself. Open File explorer and open the flash drive. You will find a file called setup.exe. Run and follow the onscreen instructions. It will take 1.5-2.5 hours to finish.

After the installation of windows 10 is complete, leave the Windows 10 tablet for a good 10 minutes allowing stuff to settle down. Otherwise it will lag very heavily.

Also to free up some space, delete C:\Windows.old but keep in mind that after this would not be able to revert back to Windows 8.1. That is it, you are now running Windows 10 on your Acer W3, W4, Asus T100, Dell 32 GB windows tablet.