Windows 7 is going to increase NAND flash memory demand – yes, it is a more SSD friendly OS

Windows XP is already more than half-decade old now. At that time NAND based SSDs were not sold that openly in the consumer market. That is the reason the users are not able to make the most of the capabilities of the SSDs while running Windows XP. Unfortunately, the Vista also is not optimized for the SSDs. Actually, the Vista thrashes the disk even more than the XP making it even less ideal for SSDs.

The Microsoft upcoming OS, Windows 7 is totally going to change this scene though as Microsoft claims that the ‘7’ is going to be more SSD friendly than the older versions and the users are definitely going to see improvements and benefits of SSD.

Having said that, one can easily see substantial improvements in speed and performance by setting up RAMdisk in their devices. The main culprint behind the bad performance of the overall device is the slow SSD which the netbook manufactures generally go-in for to keep the prices of the device down. Setting up RAMdisk considerably improve the overall system performance.

[via digitimes]