Windows 7 on the EEE PC 701? – No, we are not kidding [Netbook]

Raine over eeeuser has been to be install the Windows 7 onto the EEE 701. Now, the installation of Windows 7 on this EEE is not just-another-Windows7-installation on a netbook. The EEE 701 has a small 4GB SSD. The footprint of Windows 7 is over 8GB.

So, how to do it?

You will have to nlite the Windows 7 install. This means that you will have to take a lot of components out of the standard Windows 7 install to reduce to a much smaller foorprint.

To make you work easier, he Raine has been kind enough and has posted the configuration settings of his nlite install. This will reduce much of your work.

Here are the steps:

1. Vlite: Follow these Vlite settings

; vLite preset file
; vLite v1.2
; Framework 2.0.50727.1434
; Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1 64-bit
; Windows 7 ULTIMATE 32-bit
; Version 6.1 English (United States)
; vLited with v1.2 beta (02/01/2009 02:48:10)
ACDSee / XnView
Halo 2
Zoom Player
DVD Treasury
Hauppauge WinTV
Logitech Setpoint
; Recommand
Aero Glass
; Aero Glass
Scanners and Cameras
; Scanners and Cameras
Internet Explorer
; Internet Explorer
File and printer sharing (Server)
; File and printer sharing (Server)
Windows Update
; Windows Update


;# Accessories #
; Accessibilit
Welcome Center
; Welcome Center
;# Multimedia #
Sample Pictures
; Sample Pictures
; Screensavers
; SideShow
; Wallpapers
;# Drivers #
Diva Server
; Diva Server
Printers-Generic printer
; Imprimantes-Generic printer
; Modems
QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter
; QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter
; Scanners
Storage controllers-Adaptec
; Storage controllers-Adaptec
Storage controllers-Elxstor
; Storage controllers-Elxstor
Storage controllers-IBM ServeRAID
; Storage controllers-IBM ServeRAID
Storage controllers-ICP vortex
; Storage controllers-ICP vortex
Storage controllers-Intel (Matrix)
; Storage controllers-Intel (Matrix)
Storage controllers-nVidia
; Storage controllers-nVidia
Storage controllers-SiS
; Storage controllers-SiS
Storage controllers-Via
; Storage controllers-Via
TV Tuners-ADS Technologies
; TV Tuners-ADS Technologies
TV Tuners-ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
; TV Tuners-ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
TV Tuners-AVerMedia Technologies, Inc.
; TV Tuners-AVerMedia Technologies, Inc.
TV Tuners-Compro Technology Inc.
; TV Tuners-Compro Technology Inc.
TV Tuners-Creatix
; TV Tuners-Creatix
TV Tuners-Hauppauge
; TV Tuners-Hauppauge
TV Tuners-KNC ONE GmbH
; TV Tuners-KNC ONE GmbH
TV Tuners-KWorld
; TV Tuners-KWorld
TV Tuners-Lumanate, Inc.
; TV Tuners-Lumanate, Inc.
TV Tuners-Philips Semiconductors
; TV Tuners-Philips Semiconductors
TV Tuners-Pinnacle Systems
; TV Tuners-Pinnacle Systems
TV Tuners-TerraTec Electronic GmbH
; TV Tuners-TerraTec Electronic GmbH
TV Tuners-VidzMedia Pte Ltd.
; TV Tuners-VidzMedia Pte Ltd.
;# Network #
Distributed File System (DFS)
; Distributed File System (DFS)
Simple TCPIP services
; Simple TCPIP services
Telnet Client
; Telnet Client
Telnet Server
; Telnet Server
TFTP Client
; TFTP Client
Windows Collaboration
; Windows Collaboration
Windows Mail
; Windows Mail
;# Hardware Support #
Firewire (1394)
; Firewire (1394)
Floppy Disk Support
; Floppy Disk Support
Infrared Support
; Infrared Support
Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI)
; Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI)
Microsoft Multi-Path Bus
; Microsoft Multi-Path Bus
Modem Support
; Modem Support
Printer Support
; Printer Support
; Smartcards
Fax Support
; Support Fax
TV Tuner support
; TV Tuner support
Windows HotStart
; Windows HotStart
XBOX 360 Controller
; XBOX 360 Controller
;# System #
; Aide
BitLocker Drive Encryption
; BitLocker Drive Encryption
Performance Counters
; Compteurs de performance
Parental Controls
; Controle parental
Disk Quota
; Disk Quota
IMAPIv2 Burning Support
; IMAPIv2 Burning Support
Reliability and Performance Monitor
; Moniteur de fiabilit et de performance
Run a legacy CPL elevated
; Run a legacy CPL elevated
User Account Control (UAC)
; User Account Control (UAC)
Windows Defender
; Windows Defender
Windows Easy Transfer
; Windows Easy Transfer
Windows SAT (Performance Index)
; Windows SAT

DEP (Data Execution Prevention) = Default
; DEP (Data Execution Prevention) = Default
User Account Control (UAC) = Disabled
; User Account Control (UAC) = Desactiv�
AntiSpyware Realtime Protection = Default
; D�sactiver AntiSpyware Realtime Protection = Defaul
Memory requirement = 256MB
; Besoin en m�moire = 256MB
AutoPlay = Disabled
; AutoPlay = Desactiv�
Paging Executive = Disabled
; Paging Executive = Desactiv�
Power scheme = Balanced
; Power scheme = Balanced
Power button = Default
; Power button = D�faut
Sleep button = Default
; Sleep button = D�faut
Control Panel – Classic View = Default
; Control Panel – Classic View = D�faut
Show hidden files and folders = No
; Montrer les fichiers et les dossiers cach�s = Non
Show protected operating system files = No
; Montrer les fichiers du syst�me d’exploitation prot�g�s = Non
Show extensions for known file types = No
; Montrer les extensions des fichiers connus = Non
IE Phishing Filter = Default
; IE Phishing Filter = Default
IE Phishing Verification Ballon Tips = Default
; IE Phishing Verification Ballon Tips = Default






2. Install in a virtual machine. Clean the winsxs. Disable the indexing (makes it snappier) and compress drive (saves a lot of space). You can also delete the DVD Maker folder (since there is no dvd burner on this thing) and Microsoft Games (I don’t like them).
3. OPTIONAL: Use Vispa to set your desired settings (error reporting, scheduled task and so on).
RECOMMENDED: Disable hibernation (in cmd: powercfg.exe -h off) and pagefile. If you do so, reboot before ghosting.
4. Use Norton Ghost 8 to make the ghost image of it.
5. On your EEE, restore your image on the SSD
6. Reboot on WinPE (since the boot manager is broken) and enter the following in Command:
BCDEDIT /set {bootmgr} device boot
BCDEDIT /set {default} device partition=d:
BCDEDIT /set {default} osdevice partition=d:
This will fix the boot manager and allows Se7en to start on SSD. And yes, the d: is correct, Se7en uses two partitions.


Note: Make sure you compress the drive after the install to regain 700-900MB

Commentary: The Windows 7 is running surprisingly nice on the EEE 701. The only issue is the unable to run the Windows Live messenger and its inability to get into standby with the SD card inserted.

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