Windows 7 on the MSI Wind U100 [Netbook]

Windows 7 is faster and more reliable version of Windows. Last week, Microsoft made the beta available for download for the public. Microsoft says that they have made myriad of changes under the hood and they have been able to make the whole operating system a whole lot faster than the bulky Vista. Vista was never able to make big name in netbooks as netbooks didn’t have the horsepower to run such a heavy operating system.

Windows 7 BETA is running very well on most of the netbooks. So far, Windows XP has been the OS of choice as it performs very well on the Celeron M and the Intel Atom CPU, either of which are being used in the netbooks today. K.C Tofel at JKontherun has installed Windows 7 on his MSI Wind U100 and he is pretty much impressed with it’s performance.

Sleep without any programs open is 7.2 seconds. Resume is 3.6 seconds. The whole installation took less than 30 minutes. Here are the score of Windows Experience Index, which are pretty decent for a netbook.

  • Processor = 2.2
  • Memory = 4.5
  • Graphics = 2.3
  • Gaming Graphics = 3.0
  • Primary Hard Disk = 4.9

Clearly, the Windows 7 will be more netbook friendly and the users will be happy to switch to it from the now-outdating Windows XP.


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