Windows Search 4.0 avaliable now!

es, it is out of ‘preview’ and final version of Windows Search 4.0 is available.


So, what’s new in this release?

First and foremost: we’ve introduced some performance and reliability improvements. Queries are faster, as is indexing – how much faster depends on your machine and your data. Improved reliability means that system failures won’t get in the way of the indexer and all of your data will be scanned and available for searches.

We’ve also extended remote index discovery, also known as PC-to-PC searches, which allows data to be searched quickly and efficiently across machines running Windows Search 4.0. This means that Windows Vista-to-Windows XP or Windows Vista-to-Windows Server 2008 queries are now possible.

Additionally, Windows Search 4.0 offers manageability improvements that IT Pros should take note of.

For starters, we have extended Group Policy to control more aspects of search functionality and made this control more granular with per-user policies. You can use Group Policy Objects to control how desktop search accesses remote resources – such as Microsoft Exchange Server resources or file shares – to manage network utilization.

Interestingly, Windows vista users will see it as recommended update, while XP users will see it as optional update

Link: Microsoft Download center