ZOTAC ZBOX C series is soundproof mini PC with Intel Coffee Lake processors – ZOTAC ZBOX C series specifications

ZOTAC has completely renewed its ZBOX C series mini PCs, including the new Intel Coffee Lake processors inside, replacing the current Kaby Lake core processors. The new C series will be able to mount up to Intel Core i7 quad-core processors with Intel HyperThreading technology enabled.


A mini PC can be a powerful tool to have at home, since it allows us to continue working in our house but, at the same time, it can serve us as an HTPC type computer to watch movies and series on our television. Now, a condition that is most grateful is that the mini PC is as silent as possible. And that’s what ZOTAC wanted to achieve with its new C series of mini PC ZBOX.

Thanks to its outer shell is completely perforated on all sides (except the front), these new equipment can mount up to Intel Core i7-8550U processors, which are low power processors (only have a TDP of 25 W), but whose boost frequency can reach up to 4 GHz. There are also models that mount lower-power processors, such as the Intel Core i5-8250U and the Intel Core i3-8130U. All these processors have activated theIntel Hyper Threading technology, doubling the number of process threads.

Keep in mind that the ZBOX C series of ZOTAC are barebones, which means that they only come with the processor and the motherboard, the user having to buy the RAM and storage devices. Yet ZOTAC if provided with these mini PC one module memory RAM SO-DIMM, that may be 2 GB or 4 GB depending on the model purchased. Even so, the plates used by ZOTAC have two slotsfor RAM SO-DIMM DDR4-2133 or DDR4-2400 with which we can install up to 32 GB of RAM on the computer.

The new ZBOX C series have two Gigabit Ethernet type network cards, along with a WiFi 802.11 ac card and Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, all integrated into the body of the system. The PLUS versions of these mini PCs will also come with a SSD of 120 GB in size, although the brand has not commented whether this will be of type M.2 or the traditional format of 2.5 inches (although, looking in the instruction manual, we have been able to confirm that the installation supports a 2.5 inch unit).

ZOTAC has not given details about the price and when these mini PCs will start commercializing.