2015 HP Pavilion X2 specifications, vs 2014 model

HP Pavilion X2 2015 laptop has been launched and in this we will see the difference between 2015 and 2014 model. The major changes have been introduced to the keyboard dock which now feels more solid. This new keyboard dock provides almost same feel to that of a classic laptop keyboard.

2015 HP Pavilion X2 review

Of course there is no touchpad to save space but it has same 1.5mm pitch and is about 93 percent of typical laptop size keyboard.  The dock also passes him a very powerful magnetic hanging system to prevent wear of mechanical jaws. A full-size USB port is also present and a Micro HDMI port and a microSD card reader.

2015 HP Pavilion X2 reviews

The touchpad is now wider and more comfortable. The arrival of a signed pair of stereo speakers Bang & Olufsen also improves sound experience. The screen is a 10.1-inch 1280 x 800 pixels which is also a home to an Intel Bay Trail conventional chip and 2 GB of RAM and 32 to 64GB of storage.

Priced at 299 dollars, HP Pavilion X2 is a good solution for the college freshers.