Asus WI501Q WI502Q Review, Photos and Video

Asus Zenwatch 2 models namely WI501Q and WI502Q have been reviewed and their first impressions are in. Both smartwatches are resistant to water and dust which means they are IP67 certified.

Asus WI501Q WI502Q Review

Asus Zenwatch 2 WI501Q WI502Q Review: Battery life – It is very important that a smartwatch comes with good battery life. The WI501Q and WI502Q are two day of use which is better than Apple Watch that has one day of real world battery life.

Asus Zenwatch 2 WI501Q WI502Q Review: Build quality

The back of the case integrates magnetic charging connector and can accommodate an auxiliary battery, extending the battery life of smartwatch when you are traveling or away from power outlets.

Asus Zenwatch 2 WI501Q WI502Q Review: Video

Compared to the first generation model, ASUS has improved design and ergonomics. Now the smartwatch has a button on the right side that integrates a crown and has a wide range of options to personalize your device that makes it more recognizable than its competitors. It will be available in two versions: ZenWatch 2 (WI501Q) that comes with stainless steel 49 x 41 mm x 22 mm strap and ZenWatch 2 (WI502Q) with 45 x 37 mm x 18 mm strap. Both smartwatches will be available with leather and steel straps.

Asus WI501Q WI502Q photos

Asus WI501Q WI502Q zenwatch 2 reviewzenwatch 2 review

Both watches offer richer user experience thanks to enhanced application support and high quality bundled applications like Land Watch Face, Remote Camera and other software for fitness. Asus WI501Q and WI502Q watches come in Rose-Gold, Silver and Gunmetal colors backed by extensive range of rubber straps, metal and leather. So expect it to feel much nicer than something like Pipo C2 watch that is made of faux leather and poor quality materials.

For now ASUS has not announced the price and launch date of its ZenWatch 2 but we are sure that we will know more about it at IFA 2015 slated to be held in early September.

Asus WI501Q WI502Q Review, Photos and Video