Acer Aspire D150 screen better than ASUS EEE S101? [Netbook]

We all know that there are no stock of Acer Aspire One available in the market. The reason behind this that  ACER wants to make sure that all the top components are ready in this new model. In an interview with ACER’s chairman, he claims that that Acer Aspire D150’s screen is better than Asus S101’s. He says D150’s screen is more saturated and is brighter than S101’s screen.

Although, it has been made available in some South-East countries in Asia, but it is still not available worldwide. Now, we are really excited to see if the D150’s screen is really any better than S101. Currently, we are reviewing S101 and the screen is fantastic. If the Acer claims that it better, then it will be surely interesting to see how better it is than its competition.

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