Nvidia confirms ION platform for VIA; first ION product to be a Nettop

Nvidia has already made a lot of friends, who are interested in their ION platform. Now, another digitimes rumor says that they are developing ION-2 for VIA Technologies’ NANO CPU. According to the report, Nvidia was already in talks with the VIA to develop a low cost PC.

This is a great news as this will make the competition even more interesting than we originally thought. Earlier, we heard news of only Atom processors utilizing the ION platform. Now, that VIA’s NANO are also in the game, it can assure us only one thing: release of more powerful netbooks (and nettops) is imminent

More ION related news: They have also indicated that the first ION platform product will be a Nettop and not a netbook. It will be released before June this year.

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