Acer AspireRevo ION NetTop – gaming console?

Acer has launched its first ION powered nettop, which offers advanced graphics capabilities when compared to the other nettops already in the market. If you’ve been living under the shelves and have not heard about the ION platform, then you have missed something really big. Remember that a couple of months back, we brought you news that the first ION based hardware will be a nettop. General manager of Nvidia says

“You will be stunned and amazed watching HD videos, editing photos, surfing the web and playing the latest online games.”

Yes, Acer promises that you can easily play directX 10 games and play 1080p HD movies on this mighty little nettop.  You can equip the nettop with HDD or SSD although I do not see the benefit of using SSD in a nettop. RAM can be increased to a total of 4GB RAM.

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