2-second Boot Time? Now, that is what I call an Instant-on OS! [Netbooks]

Moblin is an open source project that is build upon the Linux platform, which is geared towards netbooks, MIDs and UMPCs. At the Linux Collaboration Summit, which was held in San Fransisco, Intel discussed its plans about the upcoming major version of the Mobilin platform. Tests of the latest Moblin 2 alpha release show that the major components (including graphics system) can start up in mere seconds. Intel is stubborn that with the new Moblin platform, 2 second boot time is infact possible.

Within last few months, we have been hearing about plethora of instant-on operating systems. But, so far no OS has been able to boot in 2 seconds. If the folks at Moblin are able to do so, it can totally change the way we perceive our netbooks. For example: People on the go will prefer to use their netbook or MID instead of using their cellphone to check their email.

Sousou, who is the managing director of the Intel Open Source Technology Center said that the aim of Moblin is to improve the quality of the Linux user experience on Atom-based devices. We say that if they can get us online in just 2 seconds, then our experience would

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[via arstechnia]

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