Aiptek iBeamBlock Specs: iBeamBlock is a mini modular PC

Aiptek iBeamBlock is a mini modular desktop PC that has specs which keep in changing depending on the power and functionality added by the blocks. In hands on review by notebookitalia, there were three working modules: a projector, mini PC with touchscreen and battery.

Aiptek iBeamBlock Specifications

Each of these blocks is independent and running stand-alone, so the user will have the option to buy them all three together or separately depending on your needs. The price of the three combined units is 699 euro but if you only get the projector part, it will alone cost you 499 euros.

Aiptek iBeamBlock specs include pico-projector L400 with HD native resolution (1280 x 720 pixels), brightness of 720 lumens and image up to 120 inches and thanks to the presence of an HDMI can also be used with other devices. The mini PC part packs Intel Atom Z3735F (Bay Trail) , 2GB of RAM, 32GB of ROM expandable with microSD cards and Windows 10 operating system. On the top, there is also an IPS touch display measuring 4.5 inches in order to control the device even without keyboard and screen hooked in.

The PB-10 12000 mAh battery (3.7 V) should provide about 2 hours of battery life for the projector.

Aiptek iBeamBlock Specs

The best part about Aiptek iBeamBlock is the fact that each piece works without depending on the other. For instance, the projector works without mini PC and battery – just plug it in and it works as expected. So even if you have all the modules, you can choose what you will be using that day.

The device is certainly thicker and heavier than some other similar solutions already seen, but it might not be a problem: the projector measures 125 x 95 x 30 mm and weighs about 300 grams, the Mini PC weighs 170 grams and the battery about 450 grams. The complete system measures 125 x 95 x 90 mm ​​and weighs less than 1 kilo. via notebookitalia