AMD Bristol Ridge Basilisk Styx coming in 2016, specifications inside

According to a leaked roadmap, AMD will be launching three new CPU series in 2016. These processors, Bristol Ridge, Basilisk and Styx are designed for servers and not for consumer devices such as tablets and laptops. However this is an exciting piece of news as it will be the first ARM based APU from Sunnyvale CPU manufacture. 

AMD Bristol Ridge Basilisk Styx

Bristol Ridge CPU: 15-35W, with (up to) four "Zen" cores;
Basilisk CPU: 5-15W, with a maximum of two "Zen" cores;
Styx CPU: 2W, with a maximum of two custom ARM-based "K12" core.

In early 2015, AMD announced that the Carrizo processors would arrive in the first half of this year and in fact it will. The Carrizo offer 29nm chipset with four four cores per CPU and TDP between 15 and 35 watts. A low powered version of Carrizo is in the pipeline too. Called the Carrizo-L, it will will have a TDP of 10-15W and will use up to four Puma cores instead of the Escavator core.

The aforementioned roadmap shows that the Bristol Ridge, Basilisk and Styx will be launched in 2016 which is when AMD will also be launching its 14nm processor with next generation AMD GCN a k a graphics core next.