AOC AG271FZ2 and AG251FZ2: two new gaming monitors with 240 Hz, 0.5 ms and FreeSync

AOC AG271FZ2 AG251FZ2 review

Panelists from around the world are announcing new versions of their products, where this end of the year we will have another wave of new monitors from different assemblers. AOC has advanced to these by presenting two new gaming monitors for professional players who need the highest possible refresh rate for competitions. Therefore, they have launched their AG271FZ2 and AG251FZ2, both with a refresh rate of 240 hertz.

Normally, any ordinary user will be happy to have a gaming monitor of at least 60 hertz, but more and more gamer trying to enter the world of high rates of refreshment knowing the benefits that entails.

The 144 Hz are undoubtedly the kings of the high ranges, but even with these refresh rates, many players are limited, as their reactions are virtually instantaneous and need more speed to exploit their skills. For them there are monitors like the new AOC AG271FZ2 and AG251FZ2, two monitors of different sizes that are extremely fast.

So much so, that they get refresh rates of 240 Hz, the current limit of professional monitors. Not content with this, they achieve an MPRT response time of only 0.5 ms, so our actions will be practically immediate. Both monitors have these features, in addition to the following that we will know below, where the only difference between them lies in their size, since the AG271FZ2 gets a 27-inch screen, while the AG251FZ2 will stay at 25 inches.

Both monitors are compatible with Adaptive-Sync synchronization technology, where at the moment they only support FreeSync while waiting for NVIDIA to validate each monitor to see if they meet G-SYNC Compatible standards.

These two monitors share another set of features, as they will have a maximum brightness of 400 cd / m2, with a contrast ratio of 1000: 1 and a viewing angle of 170º horizontal and 160º vertical. This is due to the fact that they use TN panels with an FHD resolution, which is logical to achieve this refresh rate at the moment.


However, they integrate several interesting technologies. Starting with Shadow Control, which is a proprietary version of the brand that will help us see the enemies that hide behind the shadows. Low Blue Light instead will allow our eyes do not suffer the continuous bombardment of blue light that the monitors subject us, thereby reducing this color on screen.

Low Motion Blur is a technology that many monitors use and that manages to reduce blur in motion for games that are terribly fast between their scenes.

In addition to these features, both monitors feature two HDMI, a DisplayPort, a D-Sub and two built-in 3-watt stereo speakers. The support of these monitors allows an inclination of -5 to 23º, a turn of -20 to 20º and a height adjustment of 130 mm.

AOC has revealed the prices of both monitors for EE. UU, where they will be listed for $380 for the AG271FZ2 and $330 for the AG251FZ2. At the moment we do not know when they will land in Europe.