Odd iPhone 11 Design concept looks too good to be true

When we have been seeing the possible design of the next iPhone XI for a whole year , a publication has put all Apple users in check, bringing to light a new design of the new terminal that would have a camera module placed horizontally and a logo arranged in the upper left of the device.

iphone 11

In addition to the new design on the back, this new iPhone would lack the famous notch that horrifies many users in its front. One of the questions that remain in the air is where the front camera module would be housed with the functionality of facial recognition.

At the moment, all that is expected is that Apple reduce the notch for the next devices of 2020, so this removal of the notch in a new design would completely change the concept of future Apple terminals . All this has sown a great expectation among many users of the firm, who are suspicious how all these changes can come true.

No one doubts Apple‘s economic capacity to make the best terminal in the market with the best design. However, the latest Silicon Valley products incorporate a technology that still seems far away from what new devices should house with this new design.

Although those keynotes are left behind in which Steve Jobs left with his mouth open to own and strangers presenting absolutely innovative products, there are few users who look forward to the return of those days , so that they can learn about Apple’s new products with the surprise and expectation that seem to have been lost in recent times.