Apple Mac Pro with 1.5 TB of RAM can open 6000 Chrome tabs simultaneously

Apple Mac Pro 1 5 tb ram

The latest Apple Mac Pro are, more than ever, designed for professionals, and among the hardware configuration options they give you can put up to 1.5 TB of RAM. But what to do with such memory? Given the reputation that Google Chrome has of consuming all the available RAM in the system, they have been quick to test it. Can a Mac Pro with 1.5 TB of RAM support 6,000 open Chrome tabs?

If you have 43,699 euros left over, you can configure an Apple Mac Pro equipped with no less than 1.5 TB of RAM distributed in 12 modules of 128 GB each (the price goes up “a little” (7,000 euros more) because for this they require at least a 24-core Xeon W processor to be installed as well). Obviously team size is designed for professional practices with a lot of workload, but why not look for your limit in another way?

For the test, they have used the maximum Mac Pro exponent that can be configured (because, in fact, it does not equip a 24-core processor but with 28 cores, and they have also expanded the 256 GB SSD to 8 TB and changed the AMD RX 580 series for a AMD Radeon Pro Vega II, which increases its price to 50,899 euros/dollars).

That said, they have opened a whopping 6,000 Google Chrome tabs with normal web pages, such as the Apple website for example. The result was incredible, because Google Chrome lived up to its fame and ended up consuming more than 1.45 TB of RAM for him alone.

With everything and with that, there was still memory available for other applications, but of the 1.5 TB of RAM there was absolutely nothing available.

In fact, and although the author of the test states that the Mac Pro continued to behave without problems and could do other things, after a few minutes some of the Chrome processes began to hang, until finally he had to manually close those processes constantly and, in the end, he was forced to restart the computer.