ASUS EEE 1002H released!

After releasing EEE 1000HE, which was an incremental upgrade for the EEE 1000H (better keyboard, more battery juice), ASUS has silently rolled out EEE 1002H, which is basically an upgrade version of the EEE 1002HA, which we reviewed a week back.

So, what has changed? Since I have EEE 1002HA with me, the differences were easy to notice:

  • Chicklet keyboard: The ASUS EEE 1000HE’s keyboard has been inherited to the EEE 1002H. This keyboard looks and feels like the keyboards that are found in macbooks and some VAIOs.
  • Better processor: The 1002HA has the N270 processor. The new 1002H comes with N280 Atom processor.

What has not changed? The battery is still 4200mAh li-polymer battery. While this battery should give you 3.5 hours to 4.5 hours easily, it would be difficult for it to achieve 6 hours plus battery life, which is becoming a standard feature in netbooks now.

ASUS EEE 1002H review

ASUS EEE 1002H official webpage