ATP launches industrial grade 2242 and 2260 M.2 SSD

More and more storage manufactures have been launching M.2 solid state drives lately. Today ATP has launched a new collection of new industrial-grade SSDs. The new models are 2242 and 2260 M.2 SSDs where 42 and 60 in the names indicate how long the drives are.

atp 2242 and 2260 M.2 SSD

Smaller ones have lower capacity and they will likely be used in PMPs and HTPCs. Of course they will also be heavily used in thin laptops like ultrabooks. Experts also say that it might make them to embedded systems and point of sale terminals.

The new ATP 2242 and 2260 will features all modern SSD features like S.M.A.R.T monitor, TRIM and Advanced Wear-Leveling), as well as Power Cycling Protection (PowerProtector) and Data Integrity Protection (AutoRefresh).

ATP is all working on slimSATA and mSATA storage devices which will be making their debut along with the 2242 and 2260 M.2 solid state drives.