Sony Vaio Z 2015 is perfect hybrid computer ever

Sony Vaio Z 2015 model has been released and it is made for those seeking for a perfect laptop with no budget restrictions. It comes with a top of the line Core i5 or i7 processor with just 28W TDP and whopping 10-15 hours battery life. The main selling point of Vaio Z 2015 is its rotatable display, allowing the user to use it in slate tablet mode.

Sony Vaio Z 2015 specifications

Sony Vaio Z 2015 specifications Intel Core i7 5557 processor, 512 gigabytes of SSDs configured in RAID 0 configuration and Iris Graphics 6100 GPU. It comes pre loaded with Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit operating system.

Folks at slate review has posted Sony Vaio Z 2015 review and they totally love it. That VAIO Z is just an updated Sony Vaio Flip, with a better cooling system and larger battery. I have the Vaio Flip 14, and cooling system in the Flip was terrible. You can easily find large forum threads about the loud fan