AutomaticWallpaperChanger – Automatically changes the wallpapers accoring to the time of day

How about changing the wallpaper automatically according to the time of day? Concept surely do sounds very cool, if not productive. gorrunwe, a talented coder at XDA-devs have come up with such application

Click here to download the application and here is a little GIF image, which demonstrates how it works.

How to install:

  1. Mortscript 4.1 or 4.11b must be installed on your ppc
  2. Extract the archive and eventually put your own “xx.jpg” pictures (where xx is between 00 and 23) in a directory which is inside the created AutomaticWallpaperChangerPictures directory (at the beginning there is only the Moon pictures set inside of it)
  3. then launch the AutomaticWallpaperChanger.mscr file (select the “Reinstall” option if you have used an older version).

Also, there is a evergrowing list of beautiful picture sets.