EEE storage REVIEW

ASUS provides it’s EEE users a certain amount of storage online for free for a certain amount of time. Unfortunately, this service is not available for all EEE PCs. Those in which it is available, ASUS is providing the service free of charge for maximum for 18 months.

What does the EEE storage let you do? In a nutshell, it:

  • lets you store your data online
  • lets you store data with others, even non-EEE users
  • provides a easy interface and direct uploading/downloading from your desktop

Depending on the model and in some cases country, you may get free EEEstorage with your ASUS EEE PC.

The EEEstorage is provided for the Windows XP versions of the netbooks only. The client software works with only XP and vista 32 bit versions. There is no news of the linux version which many of the EEE PCs use.

The EEE storage shortcut is placed on the desktop and in “My Computer”

Here is the pop-up you get when you start the EEE Storage client for the first time. As you can notice,

  • I’ve been given 10GB of online storage space
  • Download limit is: 5GB/day, which is enough for office documents which I plan to store online
  • Upload limit of a single file is: 200MB
  • Download speed is more than adequate for me: 512kbps

Here is the screenshot of the interface of the EEE Storage. You can immediately start using the EEE Storage from here, but if you need to access your documents online and also want to ability to share the documents and other stuff with your friends, then you will need to setup/sign up first. The last icon does that for you :)

It will open a box with few fields. Just fill them up as required and you are all set to share your files with your friends and access them online too.

After successful signup, a sharing link will appear. From here you can share the pictures with your friends, colleagues etc.

After that step, I am now ready to share my files with the other people. Now, there are two ways of sharing it.

  1. Telling them to download the Windows client from
  2. Making external links to the files and then sending the file’s URL address to let them download the files

Second way, as mentioned before is giving them the URL address  of the file. This is done via it’s web interface

So, any other goodies?

Yes, it comes with virus protection. The files are auto-checked as-soon-as they are uploaded to the online storage. If found infected, “virus infected” is added to the name of the file. It also prevents the affected file to be downloaded by others, which prevents other computers from getting infected.

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