BYD Electronic going to manufacture Netbooks too [Netbook]

BYD Electronics, a huge company which manufactures manufactures and sells handset components to many cell phone companies including Nokia is now going to start producing  netbooks for the OEMs. However, it may use the R&D from TCL to give them a hand in producing netbooks.

BYD is now following the suit of many other netbook manufactures who previously used to produce only handsets and now have jumped into production of white-box netbooks for OEMs. Another interesting fact is that the Chinese netbook makers are able to drastically cut down the price of producing the mold cost of netbook from nearly $230,000 to mere $44,000.

BYD making netbooks for the OEMs is a great news for the netbook market, which can futher reduce the price of netbooks without much effect on quality. Future is getting even brighther for the netbook OEMs and of course, us – the consumers

[BYD Electronic] [via digitimes]