How To: Install Windows XP on the HTC SHIFT [UMPC]

Sick with the pathetic performance of A110 processor, while running Windows Vista? A week back, we posted about how to install Windows 7 on the HTC Shift. Sadly, the Windows 7 is still in it’s beta stage. And while it is not out, XP remains the OS of choice for Netbooks as it runs on low-spec hardware incredibly well.

Sadly, the original Resolution changer won’t work. You must use this version in Windows XP. Also, to access the Windows Mobile side, you will have to install ActiveSync. Tablet input panel is not working at the moment.

Install Windows XP on the HTC SHIFT

Here are the full instructions on how to get Windows XP on your HTC Shift:

1.- Download and save to a USB disk drive:…s_shift_XP_rar

Be sure to extract the rar file before starting or have a unrar program installer available, you cannot extract rar files on a newly installed windows XP!

2.- Install XP. Use your own version in your own language!
Choose same disk and fast NTFS format. Use the administrator account for now.
Let it finish ignoring any message about the screen format, etc

3.- Eject CD-Drive
Insert USB pen drive

4.- Run HTC Shift XP Drivers/Chipset/infinst_autol.exe next, next, next… reboot when finished.
5.- run HTC Shift XP Drivers/VGA/win2k_xp14324.exe next, next, yes, next, next, reboot when finished.
6.- run TabletPC_PatchXPproSP2.exe, it will extract files to C:temp,
Go to C:temp and run step1.reg,
Run Step2.bat
Leave it alone until de hard disk stops and reboot

7.- Run HTC Shift XP DriversVistaECDrvV1[1].0.1.10setup.exe from the folder

8.- Run HTC Shift XP DriversTouchScreen(1[1].1.0.2)ATSV1102(WHQLed).exe next,next, next and reboot when finished.

9.- run HTC Shift XP DriversSynaptics MicroPad(10[1].0.11.1)setup.exe , reboot when finished.

10.- run HTC Shift XP DriversAudioWDM_R195setup.exe , reboot when finished.

11.- run HTC Shift XP Driversfingerprintsetup.exe .

12.- run HTC Shift XP Driversomnipass 5.0setup.exe. Reboot when finished.

13.- run HTC Shift XP DriversUSB LANsetup.exe .

14.- run cygwinsetup.exe, and select install from folder. select ioperm from the devel subfolder.
Unselect icons on desktop and start menu and finish.
Run cygwin.bat from c:cygwin

type “ioperm –i” + enter and “exit” + enter

move hsect-2.1hsect2.exe and move it to c:cygwinbin

15.- move the bat files from archivos bat to the desktop.

16.- Run BT on.bat from your desktop and let windows install its own drivers

17.- run WF on.bat from your desktop and cancel the windows installation.

18.- copy HTC Shift XP DriversWLANsdbus.sys to c:windowssystem32drivers say yes to the replace dialog and reboot.

19.- Install the WLAN drivers , from the hardware manager, right button over marvell SDIO… update driver, and select the HTC Shift XP DriversWLAN folder.

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