Centrino 2-based gaming laptop

Germany-based Cizmo is offering an Intel Centrino 2-based gaming laptop that shows what’s in store for mobile gamers this summer.

Intel’s newest crop of Centrino 2 Montevina mobile processors are slated for a July 14 rollout and will include the Extreme X9100 processor: the first Penryn-class mobile processor to break the 3.0GHz barrier.

Cizmo CX1730M packs an Extreme X9100 mobile processor
(Credit: Cizmo)

The Cizmo 17-inch CX1730M can be configured with an Intel X9100 Extreme processor running at 3.06GHz. A key feature of Intel X-class mobile processors is that they are designed to be overclocked.

The CX1730M can also take an Nvidia GeForce 8800M GTX graphics chip.

Memory based on the new DDR3 standard is also offered. DDR3 SDRAM can be hooked up to Intel’s faster 1066MHz front-side bus. Currently, Intel’s front-side bus–which carries data between the processor and other silicon–runs at 800MHz.

Other specifications for the CX1730M include Intel’s newest PM45 chipset. Intel stated last month that initially only the PM chipset–for discrete (standalone) graphics chips–would be available. The GM version with Intel integrated graphics will arrive in August.

The specifications also list an Intel Turbo Memory Module. Turbo memory is a flash-memory-based technology that speeds system boot times and application loading, according to Intel. The Centrino 2 platform will offer second-generation Turbo memory technology: Robson 2.0.

Other processors listed by Cizmo include the Intel P8400, P8600, P9500, and T9600–all slated for release on July 14.