Choose good VPN if you are worried about your privacy

Every time there are more Internet companies that are dedicated to follow us in the network to be able to know as much information as possible about our tastes, interests and hobbies. In addition, it is also common to find platforms that block or forward traffic depending on their country of origin. Therefore, both if we want to improve our security and privacy and to access some type of blocked content for certain countries it is necessary to choose a good VPN.


The operation of VPN connections, or virtual private networks, is based on creating a direct connection between our computer and a remote server. To prevent third parties from monitoring this connection, an encryption is usually applied, usually of a military grade, so that the connection between us and the VPN server is completely anonymous and private.

Once established the connection with the server, all the traffic that we generate from our computer, instead of being sent directly to the destination, passes previously by the VPN, who changes our information (IP, origin, etc) by information of the VPN to subsequently send it to the destination. When the destination responds to the packet, it arrives at the VPN server, which analyzes it and forwards it back to us through our private connection.

Normally, companies that offer VPN to users usually have different physical servers spread around different countries of the world, so if, for example, we want to access a website that only shows certain content to users in the United States, from Spain We could access this content using an exit server, located in the USA, of our VPN.

Privacy and security are two of the most important reasons when choosing a VPN. Thanks to the connections are encrypted from end to end in case a hacker or hacker is monitoring our connection can not be done with any information about us, since all of it will be encrypted from our PC to the remote server. This is also very useful, for example, to improve our security when we make online payments.

This type of servers also helps us download files from the Internet (for example, from the torrent network) in a secure and anonymous way, preventing our ISP or our government from knowing that we are downloading files through P2P. It is also useful if we want, for example, to access the Netflix catalog in the United States to watch series or movies that, from our country, can not be seen.

Finally, if we usually connect to the Internet from public networks (airports, stations, bars, restaurants, etc.) using a VPN is not only recommended, but it is essential to be able to navigate safely through the network, since the dangers of Public networks are countless.