Galaxy S8 TPU case review: Choetech Crystal Clear Soft

galaxy s8 case

If you are looking for a very cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 cover that provides adequate protection to your expensive smartphone, consider checking out the Choetech Crystal Clear Soft TPU S8 Cover. It is only 5 dollars on Amazon and is a really nice case for the money, reminds me very much of the ringke hybrid fusion cases I’ve had in the past.

Choetech Crystal Clear Soft TPU Galaxy S8 case has a hard plastic clear back and clear TPU sides providing a good level of protection but not adding too much bulk to the phone.

It feels a bit on the cheap side but that is expected since the material of this case is made of TPU which is no match for the glass body of S8.

That said, at $5, it does not creates a hole in your pocket and does the job well in protecting your phone nicely.

samsung galaxy s8 case

There are openings on the bottom for charging and headphone jack. Buttons on the left are not exposed but the phone’s button do retails clicky feel.

It did not messed with the flash on the rear camera. However, keep in mind that wireless charging is not supported when using the case.