DEEPCOOL CF120 review: fans with RGB lighting


The fans of a computer are a very important part of the refrigeration since they are in charge of introducing cold air to the equipment and extracting the hot air from the interior creating an air flow. Often, fans are usually the reason why a computer can be noisier than normal, although if we search we can always find silent fans that will allow us to keep the temperatures of our computer controlled, and not only that, but also give all kinds of light effects if we opt for fans with RGB lighting as in the case of  DEEPCOOL CF120.

The DEEPCOOL CF120 fans  are a new range of RGB fans that come directly to us from the well-known manufacturer of PC cooling solutions. These fans seek to open a gap in the homes of users offering, on the one hand, a very small amount of noise that will allow us to keep our computer cooled silently (less than 27 dBa working at 100%, at 1500 RPM) and, on the other hand, an RGB lighting consisting of 12 LEDs that will allow us to give a lighting of up to 8 static colors or dozens of color effects.

This range of DEEPCOOL fans are controlled through PWM, so the computer itself can easily control its revolutions from the BIOS depending on the temperature by having them at minimum RPM (500 RPM) and, obviously, at the minimum noise whenever the Computer temperature is acceptable, increasing the revolutions as it increases.

By our hands has passed the kit that includes the three RGB fans of DEEPCOOL in addition to the cables to connect them to Aura SYNC, the manual controller to control ourselves the lighting (if we do not want or can not connect it to the board) and a FAN HUB that allows us to connect up to 4 fans using only one FAN PWM port on our motherboard.

Undoubtedly, the DEEPCOOL CF120 fans  are an excellent complementary cooling solution for those who want to keep their computer properly cooled and, also, are looking for an original way to give an original lighting effect, fully customizable, to your computer.

Then, we leave you our complete review, together with the tests and our personal opinion on this complete kit of 3 RGB fans to cool and put our computer in full color: DEEPCOOL CF120.