Download Acer W3 windows 8.1 drivers

Acer W3 tablet drivers are interestingly not available at all times on Acer website. I was trying to get download them from support website of Acer the other day and was receiving an error “not found”. Fortunately some one gave a dump of the drivers I need so I decided to upload them for people who might need them.

Download Acer W3 windows 8.1 drivers

Download W3 810 windows drivers

Get them from either one of the links given below. Unzip the folder that is stored in the zip. Install all the drivers at the same time by executing the setup file.

You will need drivers for various purposes. Let us say you wanted to re install windows or you want to return to factory settings. You will need drivers once you get up and running as without installing the drivers, the touch screen will not work.

Update -Acer’s website is up and you can download Windows 8.1 drivers but the aforementioned links are still valid. Keep in mind that Windows 10 is not supported on Acer W3 as graphics drivers are not available. Acer W4 specifications included latest Intel atom processors and it supported Windows 10 just fine. Due to this, you cannot put Acer W3 into standby while running windows 10 which is super important in a tablet like W3.