Download Galaxy S8 Home Launcher APK

Samsung Galaxy S8 is here and folks at apk mirror have got hold of its home launcher. This will allow you to enjoy the same features and design that the S8 users will enjoy. We suggest having root permissions before installing it and many are getting ‘package install’ error. You’ll also need Nougat onboard.

Download Galaxy S8 Home Launcher APK

You need to wipe data and install the APK after wiping. Make sure not to add any accounts or restoring data. You can do anything after the installation of Samsung Galaxy S8 home launcher.

Here is an alternate way of installing it.

1. Add a shortcut of the apk to the home screen from the my files app
2. Power off and cleared the cache partition.
3. Restarted the phone. Quickly install the Apk by accessing the shortcut from home screen.
4. But the launcher will force stop all the team. So I cleared touchwiz home’s data and cache from app manager. Now it’s working fine.

If you get this error " An application with the same name is already installed", then go to application manager, check Touchwix, and the upper corner you see the 3dots and remove the update, then reboot, it’s stock again. Then install S8 launcher again.