FiiO i1 Review: iPhone 3.5mm headphone adapter and amplifier

FiiO i1 Review (1)

FiiO i1 is not just a 3.5mm headphone adapter for the iPhone 7 but is also an amplifier. It is Apple MFi certified, digital to analog convertor and headphone amplifier that is designed for the iPhone 7’s lightning connector that is solely responsible for handling both charging and headphone duties.

FiiO i1 automatically detects if you are using standard headphone or one with in-line controls. This is a premium headphone adapter and it fully supports lossless audio formats and HD voice calls.

FiiO i1 is only 9.5mm thick and carefully sculpted. Its matte black body gives it an extremely sophisticated appearance. If you own a black iPhone, this is a perfect accessory that looks like it came directly Apple’s headquarters.

It has full support for Apple iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and total of nine music formats to choose from including AAC, protected AAC, Apple’s LAC, AIFF and ofcourse MP3. In other words, FiiO i1 has you covered.

FiiO i1 Review (2)

FiiO i1 specifications include Dimensions: 45.5mm in length, 9.5mm in diameter; Supported USB Sample Rate: Lossless 48kHz, may change to up to 192kz pending changes to the LAM module; Weight: about 11.5g; Cable Length: 80 cm and Frequency Response of 20 Hz~20 kHz.

Price of FiiO i1 is 40 dollars.