Download Kodi 15 for Windows, Android, Linux, iOS

Kodi 15.0 is downloadable for all kinds of operating systems that includes Windows, Android, Linux, Android, iOS and even Raspberry Pi. The idea of ​​Kodi is to provide a new look to your machine by giving revolutionary ways in management and display of multimedia content.

Download Kodi 15

Kodi 15 Review for Windows, Android, Linux, iOS

Kodi 15.0 is not a revolution but can be considered a major update since many improvements are brought here. It’s now or never to test the software that will completely replace conventional interface on a solution connected to your TV.

Several elements are now optimized with a playback MKV files which are now managed by chapters. It is now possible to make jumps in time by an intelligently adapted and improved management. Now a new image capture system used to select the desired chapter in a file in a very graphically pleasant way.

Similarly, the various audio and subtitles are now listed in a more simple and accessible format. The management of the system language is now more independent, separate from the system itself and thus can be updated more efficiently. Many chips are now also taken into account by Kodi 15.0

So what is not to like about it? Android 4.2 is now the minimum required by the application. If you are an OS X user, you will need to upgrade to version 10.7 64-bit minimum to take advantage of the software.