Download Windows 10S: Can you download Windows 10S? How to download Windows 10S?

Everyone can download any version of Windows 10 from Microsoft’s website but what about Windows 10S? How to download Windows 10S for your laptop or computer? After all, the idea of not having virus or Trojan on your computer is a brilliant idea. A lot of us use our computers just for web browsing, YouTube and movie watching and for those, Windows 10S will be brilliant choice.

download windows 10s

So, how to download Windows 10S on your computer? Right, now Microsoft does not currently plan to provide the version directly. The operating system will be provided exclusively to the OEMs and the volume licensing program.

That being said, we think it will take sometime for a hacker to get hold of the image and make the Windows 10S available illegally. We have a gut feeling that Microsoft will be releasing a tool that will allow users to make their windows 10 home or pro OS restricted just like windows 10s so that they too can ‘enjoy’ the benefits of having a secure system.

Windows 10S is so secure that even driver installation is not permitted as that can slow down the system. In other words, Windows 10S can install drivers only through windows update. There is no other way to do so. Running driver’s setup.exe file is not possible anyway since windows 10s cannot run x86 applications.

One thing is for sure – Windows 10S laptops are going to be very cheap, almost at par with the netbooks. Right now, the list of best laptops under 300 dollars mainly consists of list of netbooks and cheap 2-in-1 convertible computers but with windows 10s, you will be seeing a lot of mainstream sized 15” laptops too. Windows 10S will cost much less to the OEMs compared to the current cheapest windows 10, the Home edition.