Windows 10S Driver Installation: Driver Installation in Windows 10S Possible or Not?

Microsoft Windows 10S is going to tighten up the security but what about driver installation? Would you be able to install drivers for your hardware and computer peripherals easily? We will be answering these questions in this post.

Windows 10S Driver Installation

If the user wants to install computer accessories like printer or scanner, which requires complex drivers, you are going to be disappointed with Windows 10 S. Also, for the installation of drivers, there is no exception to the rule that no x86 programs can be started or installed.

The only way to obtain new hardware drivers is to install the software via Windows Update so if it makes sense to try installing driver on your on-windows 10S computer before shelling out money on a 10S computer.

According to Microsoft, the drivers of many manufacturers tend to slow the computer system and that is the Redmond decided to make the drivers available only through windows update.

So, how to get your hands on this new Windows 10S? Well, there is no way to download Windows 10S as Microsoft will be shipping the OS to the OEMs and computer vendors directly using volume licensing program.

What will be the cost of windows 10s? Well, since the Windows 10S is a stripped down version of windows 10, it will be much lower.

So what will be cost to upgrade from windows 10s to Windows 10? One will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for a price of 49 dollars. Feel free to convert that value in your local currency to get an idea. Also, after upgrading to windows 10 pro from windows 10s, you will not be able to roll back. The only way to do it would be by making use of recovery image which comes pre-installed on all windows 10s systems.