Fennec to be released for Windows Mobile in February! [Windows Mobile]

Mozilla is all set to release Fennec for Windows Mobile next month. They are in the final stages to rule out some minor bugs and then it will be released for the HTC TOUCH PRO.

Here are the words from folks at Mozilla itself

We are targeting a Milestone release for the first week of February, targeting the HTC touch pro. We are two patches away from the meta goal of building from trunk.

Although from their words, they are targeting just HTC TOUCH PRO at this moment, but we are pretty sure, it would run on devices like HTC DIAMOND just fine. For those who don’t know what is Fennec, it is a version of the Firefox browser adapted for mobile phones and other small computing devices.

There are already many web browsers for Windows Mobile available just Windows PCs, but Firefox rules over all of them. The release of Fennec is very important for the Windows Mobile as the IE mobile 6 is still in it’s infancy stage and is too slow on the current hardware.

Thanks to Larry for the tip!

[mozilla link]

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