FingerMenu – make all menus finger friendly! [Windows Mobile]

The FingerMenu is a great application developed by Francesco, which aims to make the Windows Mobile menus more finger friendly than ever. The menus look a lot like the ones found on HTC DIAMOND’s TouchFlo 3D interface and work similarly too. The only difference being is the availbility of FingerMenu in every application unlike TouchFlo3D menu, which is only available in TouchFlo 3D.

The FingerMenu is very easy to use. Just install it and it will automatically make every single menu finger friendly.

If the menu does not fit in the FingerMenu’s window, a simple swipe in the upward direction shows the rest of the contents. To see how it works, see the following video:

You can also configure it to ignore a certain list of applications where you do not want FingerMenu to be active.

FingerMenu for Windows Mobile from Taran DS on Vimeo.

Download FingerMenu now!

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