ZumoDrive – Take the data with you Everywhere!

Cloud computing and Cloud storage are becoming extremely important these days. It is very common nowadays that we have to access data on a variety of devices. But, myriad of hurdles come our way like different operating system, devices and platform which make often cause redundancy of data and lot of confusion. We also come across other problems like difficulty in making the data available across the different devices on which we wish to carry the data.

With ZumoDrive, netbook users can forget about the storage constraints of their devices.  ZumoDrive does this by delivering unlimited cloud storage transparently over the Internet so that it feels just like local storage.

On various mobile devices like Netbooks, UMPCs and iPhones, the internal storage may not be adequate. On such devices, Zumodrive can give you huge virtual drive to store all your data including music and movies! Some of the features that I personally like about Zumodrive are:

  • automatic backup of your files: it supports storing of previous versions of your files
  • optional local storage on a device: if you would like to make some of files or folders locally available on your device, you can do so/
  • virtually unlimited bandwidth
  • recovering deleted files is easy as it also has a ‘virtual’ recycle bin!
  • supports Windows XP, Vista and for OS X Tiger and Leopard with iPhone client currently in the works

The little video given below explains it all

And hey, Zumodrive has been kind enough to give the ApoTheTech users free codes to try out the Zumodrive. Just go to following URL and give a try to the Zumodrive:


Sadly, there is no Windows Mobile client although Google Android client is being developed.

Visit Zumodrive.com