Galaxy Note 7 Display Size leaked

There have been myriad leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and all of them have pointed out to 5.8 inch display. That said, an indian import site, Zauba says that the Galaxy Note 7 display size is 6 inches and till now, information mentioned on Zauba listings have been spot on.

Galaxy Note 7 Display Size

The listing says SAMPLE SAMSUNG MOBILE PHONE (SM- N930R4) (S.S.- 6) (FOR TESTING) (W/H VALID IMEI NO. NOT DUP/FAKE/ZERO) and so far two units of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to Delhi. Price of the units is 24,056 which depicts its cost price.

Samsung tests its phones in many countries prior to launch to ensure ironing out of major and minor bugs. You can find this zauba listing here and official Galaxy Note 7 wallpaper here.

The note 7 is all set to be revealed in few weeks from now and whether it comes with 5.8" or 6" screen, one thing is for sure, it is a darn big phone.