Giada F210 Review, a mini PC with Cherry Trail

Nettops are so 2008 but laptop and computer manufactures equipped them with latest processors from Cherry Trail and Bay trail family, effectively classifying them as mini PCs. Meet the Giana F210 mini PC that comes with Intel Cherry trail processor.

Giada F210

It is available in two different versions. One is an 8GB eMMC variant and second is 32GB one. Even though Giana F210 is a very small mini PC, it packs two display out ports that includes HDMI and VGA. On the back, there are two more ports, power and LAN.

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Of course this mini computer also comes with built in wireless LAN to connect to Wi-Fi easily. There are two differences between the two variants other than their prices which are $114 and $136 for 8GB and 32GB eMMC versions respectively.

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While you can install Windows on 8GB variant, you would be better off with a Linux distro or open android x86 project as they would occupy less space.

Measuring 11.66 x 10.72 x 3 cm (width x height x thickness), the Giana F210 has TDP of mere 15 watts. You can mount on the back of a monitor or television using VESA mount. Integrated RAM on the Giana F210 is about 1 or 2GB of DDR3L but you can expand it to 4GB.

Heat dissipation on the Giana F210 is provided by aluminum frame that sticks to the CPU. There are plenty of USB ports on it, four to be precise. All are v3.0 which offers higher data transfer.

Verdict – The Giana F210 is an excellent small machine with a cheap price tag. It has potential to be a great home player with proven hardware video decoding capabilities.