Gigabyte Aero 15 is bezel less gaming laptop: Gigabyte Aero 15 specifications

Gigabyte Aero 15 is a high performance gaming laptop with near bezel less design. Gigabyte Aero 15 specifications include 15.6” 3840×2160 UHD 4k resolution and is powered by the latest Intel’s 7th generation i7-7700hq processor that is backed by Nvidia 1060 dedicated graphics card, 2x M.2 PCIe SSD and 2x DDR4 RAM.

Gigabyte Aero 15 (2)

There are both HDMI 2.0 and mini display port onboard that can output to two external 4k displays. It is one of the few laptops with thunderbolt 3 port that lets you connect many high speed devices through single port. Normally, you find thunderbolt 3 in heavy laptops like MSI WS72 which is a workstation laptop. Powering this beast is a big 94.24Wh battery. There is plenty of storage space onboard – 512GB and it comes with 16GB RAM making it a proper desktop replacement laptop.

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There is downside of having a laptop with such bezel less design – the webcam had to be placed beneath the screen that creates weird camera angle and your face might a bit weird while doing a video chat.

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Nevertheless, the Gigabyte Aero 15 is an excellent laptop that looks much smaller than its actual size. Infact, it is not much bigger than a typical 14” laptop. It weighs mere 4.6lbs and measures 14×9.8×0.78 inches and such compact dimensions make it easy to carry around.

It will go on sale for 1899 dollars which makes it quite an expensive laptop. If you are looking for something is half of its price, consider checking out the Asus X580 that was released few days back. Asus X580 specs include i5/i7 processor and Nvidia 1050 GPU.