How to install Chrome on Windows XP? Download Chrome setup for XP

How to install Google Chrome on Windows XP? Chrome’s website cannot even be opened on IE 6 which is bundled with windows XP. Due to this very reason, it is impossible to download chrome browser. That being said, there is a way.

How to install Chrome on Windows XP

While it is not possible to access the Chrome’s download page in Internet Explorer 6, it is totally possible to download the web installer of Chrome. This is downloadable via following link.

After downloading the web installer of Chrome for windows XP, click on run. Your computer will now download and install Chrome browser on XP.

It is sad to see Windows XP users being cut off from the modern internet like this. In our use, the Chrome ran better on old machines than Firefox which is another very popular web browser.

Chrome is more memory hungry than Firefox but ran more smoothly in all of our tests. That being said, Chrome gives you a warning everytime you start it that Google is no longer updating Chrome for XP.

However, we were able to get all of our addons and bookmarks synced without a problem. And since you can dismiss the warning message anyway, we are not complaining until Google blocks XP users from download Chrome from their website.