Google Chrome released for Windows XP/Vista

Google has jumped into the browsing arena by launching it’s own(!) web browser, Google Chrome.

Google Chrome released for Windows XP/Vista

We all know that Google has been a great supported of the Mozilla Firefox from day 1 and has also been telling it’s users to use Firefox instead of IE as it offers better security and features.

You can read more about Google Chrome at the link given at the bottom of this post

Granted, the Chrome is still in Beta, but it is missing some basic features.

  • You cannot choose the cache location. I plan to use it on my SSD based Netbook where I make full use of RAMdisk to store browser cache. Since Google Chrome offers you no settings to do that, you will writing all the data to the SSD
  • Zooming feature does NOT zoom in or zoom out all the elements. It suffers from the same problem which the Mozilla Firefox 2 used to suffer – it zooms in and zooms out only the text!

I was surprised to see the aforementioned features were not there.

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