PE Explorer Suit Review – for Windows Mobile Professional

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to discover that the built-in file explorer is slow and lazy even for light tasks. But, since the windows mobile is a great and popular platform among the developers, it has great support from the developers and we are not just depending on microsoft for applications. PE explorer suit caters to the needs of those people who want and expect a lot from a powerful platform like windows mobile.


The installation was simple and straightforward. The installer installed a cab file and I faced no problems.


The interface is very much like desktop file explorer. Vertical splitter is also supported. If you are using default settings, you can see size of the files and last modified columns. Please note that the user can easily choose the number and type of columns to be displayed.

You can find all sort of common operations that a user is expected to do with the file/folder just by tapping-n-holding on the particular file/folder.

You can also completly remove the splitter to gain more space for viewing files.

Encryption is also supported. It does not mention which encryption algorithms it uses though.

You also have the option to open the file with some other application other than the default one. For example, you may wisht to open the TXT file with the notes applications(and not Word Mobile).