Great news for Netbook manufactures – Windows XP to live to 2010+

Vista could not make a big splash in netbook arena due to it’s bulkiness. This paved the way for the Windows XP to live for even more years than Microsoft expected. Talking about Microsoft’s expectations, it expected the Vista to fully replace the Windows XP in each field, which actually did not happen.

Windows 7 may get available later this year or in the begining of next year and we have heard great things about the Windows 7 already. Netbooks like MSI Wind U100 are running Windows 7 Beta pretty nicely already. But, the Windows 7 takes nearly 9GB of storage space, which makes it immpossible to use on the MIDs and Netbooks, which come with small SSDs. That is the sweet spot for Windows XP, which has much less space requirements. Also, the drivers of components used with Windows XP are more widely available. That also reduces the overall price of the device.


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