What is the OQO Model 2+ lacking? [UMPC]

OQO model 2+ brought a heap of advancements when compared to it’s predecessor OQO model 2. But, many people were expecting a lot more from the the Model 2+.There is an ongoing talk going at oqotalk.com, where the people are discussing what ‘more’ that they expected from the OQO model 2+. Here is the mini-list:

  • Micro-SD slot: The microSD slot provides the users to easily move data from one device to another. People really yearned for this feature in the Model 2+
  • Front facing camera: Front facing camera is required to do Skype video calls and for other video conversations. People expected it to be a standard feature in the third generation OQO
  • Screen Resolution: The screen resolution has not gone any change since the first generation of the OQO. The WVGA resolution (800×480) is not enough for providing enjoyable web surfing experience. The resolution is simply not even enough to edit the office documents on the go. They should have upped the resolution to the 1024 x 600 to provide decent web experience to the people.

Although the inclusion of web camera would be a debatable issue as in some organizations, the camera-equipped devices are not allowed. But, the OQO should give that as an option rather than not offering it at all.

It looks like the OQO Model 3 will satisy those people.