Holiday Guide – Find out which Netbook, UMPC and Mobile Phone is most bang for a buck this holiday season?

No doubt that we are still bearing the effects of depression right now. We need to make wise choices. We just cannot afford to step into the market and get the latest shiny stuff. I’m not saying that we should get old stuff, but in this article I’m going to enlist the best products at best prices. I’ll also give you the names of the best ones too!

Holiday Guide - Find out which Netbook, UMPC and Mobile Phone is most bang for a buck this holiday season?

Most-bang-for-a-buck UMPC: Fujitsu U810/U1010

Ultra-mobiles are popular for their huge price-tags. Their sales are not counted in millions like iPhone and HTC Diamond. Last year, the Fujitsu U810 (US) and U1010 (Asia) were quite out-of customer’s reach. Both were >$1000 and thus was not very popular among customers. This is not the scene this year. They can now be bought for around $700-800 now making it a very attractive package. For nearly $700, you are getting a UMPC that runs vista fine (you can use XP too), comes with decent HDD, 1 GB RAM, clamshell design and reputed brand name in tablet PCs, Fujitsu. You cannot go wrong with it.

Best UMPC: Fujitsu U820/U2010

This new baby from Fujitsu is more powerful than its predecessor. It uses the power-frugal Intel Atom processor which runs at 1.6Ghz and comes with more Hard disk space. It uses WXGA resolution (1280 x 800), which is actually same as my old 14.1″ laptop! It provides great web-experience and great battery life too. It is available as U820 in US and U2010 in Asian and other countries. It is priced around $1200-1400 depending from place-to-place.

Best MID/Most bang-for-a-buck MID: iPod Touch

Surprised? Well, you should not be. It has been around for a while and it still does so many functions better than the other MIDs. For around $300, you get amazing web-browsing experience, great build quality and the amazing App store from Apple. Not to forget the spacious flash storage and affordable price tag.

However, I’m actually holding myself from buying a MID until they start coming with XP as an option.

Best Bang-for-a-buck Windows Mobile device: Touch Cruise

If you are in the market for a affordable but packed windows mobile device, then I will love to recommend you HTC Cruise. It has a breezy processor, ample RAM, micro-SD expansion, Windows Mobile 6.1, auto-focus camera and flushed screen. All that for under around $400-450 and you get an unlocked GSM cellular phone.

Best Windows Mobile phone: HTC Touch HD

This is the true contender to the iPhone. It has a huge 3.8″ display which has WVGA resolution which provides fantastic web-browsing experience thanks to the wonderful Opera Browser. TouchFlo 3D adds to it’s “wow factor”. The sensitivity of the screen is great; sound quality is great and has one of the best GSM modules I’ve come across in the windows mobile arena. Read ApoTheTech’s review here

Most bang-for-a-buck Netbook AND Best Netbook: ASUS EEE 1000H

For $500, you get a lot with this netbook. A 160 GB HDD, 1 GB RAM, easy-upgrading, fast processor, respectable 10.2″, built-in BT, WiFi b/g/n and top-of-all awesome battery life of nearly 5-5.5 hours! The EEE PC is great for the people who travel a lot and want a powerful companion with them all the time. It is also great for the programmers who want to do programming-on-the-go. The keyboard is great for typing long documents. Read ApoTheTech’s review of 1000H

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