Review: EEE PC system shrinker

The EEE PC with SSDs come with not-so-spacious space. The EEE PC 701 comes with just 4GB SSD. Out of this, a lot of storage space is taken by the OS itself. Now, not all of us have the time and courage to nlite the Windows XP OS. Those who have installed full Windows XP on their system have to deal with low-disk space problems.

ASUS understood this and they have come up with EEE PC system shrinker: A utitlity that cleans your system by deleting unnessary files. The system shrinker is a stand alone application and thus can be put anywhere on your system. It is also very small in size (just 272kb).

I’m quite an expert with Windows XP and I always try to keep my device clutter free. That is the reason, the system shrinker was not able to detect much clutter on my SSD.

Just click on Apply and you are done doing the basic-housekeeping of your device!

Download it (directly) from this link

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